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DIVINIA Water is the result of a proprietary purification technique that delicately removes the effects of man. 

The result is balanced, deuterium depleted, cellular "EZ" water for optimized hydration.

The process recreates the natural formation of water far beneath the earth's surface, where hydrogen and oxygen from heat and rock combine to make clean, pure H2O.


We like to call it the perfect water.

DIVINIA is revolutionary because the exclusive Eco-friendly approach that brings water back to its original, unadulterated form. Furthermore, DIVINIA is bottled in glass to ensure quality and sustainability. 


DIVINIA is scientifically known as EZ water, which means its the same water found in organic cells, like fruit. This is also known as fourth phase water and h302. Testing of DIVINIA was done at the University of Washington.

Like a flawless diamond, DIVINIA is free from contaminants and is a 1000x purer than other water on the market. DIVINIA's purity measures at less than 1 ppm on-site. Testing was done at Penn State University.

DIVINIA's deuterium depletion is independently verified by two American institutions - UC Davis and the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology. The deuterium depletion of DIVINIA matches levels of naturally occurring DDW found in the Hunza region. This is not an endorsement by either institution.

The activated/energized/structured state of DIVINIA remains over time and temperature variances. DIVINIA is also naturally 102% oxygenated. Testing of DIVINIA was done at Penn State University.

DIVINIA has higher energy stored in the h2o bond, making the hydrogen and oxygen naturally more bio-available; it is more hydrating than deionized water and rain water. Testing of DIVINIA was done at Amity University (clinical trials) and Penn State University. 

DIVINIA's proprietary process truly makes the water unique and vastly different from any other on the market. Purification technology was patented at US Patent Office. IP exclusive to DIVINIA only.