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DIVINIA Water 12 Pack 

16oz Per Bottle (454ml)


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Product Description

IMPORTANT: Drink only from glass (never put Divinia into plastic containers, or plastic water bottles)

DIVINIA is the only bottled water proven Exclusion Zone, deuterium depleted, & highly energetic (naturally bioavailable oxygen and hydrogen) by independent research conducted at 7 American universities!

Packaged in 16 oz recyclable glass bottles, DIVINIA's benefits make it a necessity to have at the gym, office, school, or even in the car. Take clean, pure, hydrating, cellular water with you no matter where you go.

This order is for 12 bottles.

Each bottle is made of 35% recycled glass. Measured at <1.00 ppm for contaminants.


IMPORTANT: Drink only from glass (never put Divinia into plastic containers, or plastic water bottles)

All of the benefits found in DIVINIA are uniquely combined to make one special bottle of water, however, many people wonder how DIVINIA compares to specific kinds of water like deuterium depleted water, hydrogen water, or water with polarized gas.

As a company founded by a scientist, DIVINIA places emphasis on pursuing greater research and understanding of our water.

Below we address common questions in comparing DIVINIA to other leading products, while highlighting our independent research that substantiates our product.

What is the parts per million of your deuterium? Why don't you have a lower deuterium level? Isn't it better to drink water at 50 or 75 ppm deuterium depletion to see a difference? We are asked numerous times a week on the deuterium levels of DIVINIA. By any and all scientific standards, DIVINIA is deuterium depleted at around 125 - 130 ppm. This matches the same levels of Hunza water, which has been researched for decades by doctors because of the longevity and health of the Hunza people who drink it.  Scientifically speaking, deuterium-depleted water (DDW) has a lower concentration of deuterium than occurs naturally (less than 145 ppm); the depletion in DIVINIA is independently verified by an American university.

We did not set out to "create" a deuterium depleted water, but rather the depletion is a natural product of our purification; the deuterium depletion in DIVINIA is not artificially driven down or forced.

Most other waters are around 155 ppm and, though, and though 15% decrease may not seem like much, the Griffiths Theory suggests the adverse biological effect of deuterium goes by the square of the concentration.

Additionally, more doctors and naturopaths are telling their patients about DIVINIA because the concentration is not too aggressive or drastic. DIVINIA's deuterium depletion matches that of spring or glacial water,making it ideal for everyday hydration!

Though useful in urgent cases, doctors and experts say drinking extremely low levels of deuterium depleted water is meant for medicinal purposes; very low deuterium depletion is not meant for everyday drinking, as it may have deleterious effects over extended periods of time. Furthermore, doctors and salesmen who sell low deuterium levels actually suggest you dilute their water to bring it up to the 130 ppm level, which is the same exact level DIVINIA and Hunza water in the first place!

Does DIVINIA Water have extra hydrogen? Do you put hydrogen gas in your water? The thought of hydrogen water to have particular healing or therapeutic properties comes from the understanding that hydrogen is the smallest and most prolific molecule in the universe. Hydrogen can aid in gut health, reduce inflammation, improve skin quality, etc. by acting as an antioxidant molecule. This is done when hydrogen interacts with the oxygen free in radicals, helping to restrain them by combining with the oxygen to make water. Because hydrogen is so small, it's believed that it easily enters the mitochondria to fight free radicals that may cause oxidative stress.

So, why don't we infuse DIVINIA with hydrogen? Well, there's 2 good reasons.

First reason is that there is no need to. In 2007, overwhelming research conducted by Dr. Rustum Roy (founder of the Materials Research Laboratory at Penn State University) demonstrated a significantly higher energy bond between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of DIVINIA Water compared to deionized water. The higher energy between the molecules means the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in DIVINIA break apart easier, making the hydrogen and oxygen more bioavailable with less energy to separate and use them biologically.

Secondly, hydrogen gas is very small. When pumped into water and packaged, the hydrogen gas can easily escape and leave the water behind at normal hydrogen levels. Furthermore, hydrogen water companies are relying on aluminum cans and aluminum-lined hydropacks to keep the hydrogen gas in tact. Consistent exposure to aluminum can potentially lead to bone disease, nervous system problems, brain disease and disorders, respiratory problems, impaired iron absorption, and many other diseases and ailments.

If you are still considering the purchase of the leading hydrogen water brands, please check the label! Some of the most popular brands use water from Japan, and given the nuclear spill in Fukushima this makes us a little nervous. 

How does your water compare to water infused with polarized gas? Other waters claim to be Exclusion Zone water... is yours the same? DIVINIA began as purification technology company back in 2002, when we developed our patented, proprietary technology. With almost 20 years of research to this date, we have developed a brand of water unlike any other. By exposing a unique niche in the bottled water market, it is no surprise that there are companies that will attempt to re-create or imitate our purification system and water. This is not only confusing for customers seeking the best product available, it is also misleading as some might categorize their water as "EZ water" without the scientific research to back it up.

Since 2011, DIVINIA Water is scientifically categorized as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water by independent research done by Dr. Gerald Pollack and his team at Pollack Laboratory with University of Washington. The results of the study showed a clear and significant peak of 270nm of energy in DIVINIA Water, the same peak associated with Exclusion Zone water per the discovery of Dr. Pollack himself. EZ water is understood to be the kind of water found in fruits, plants, and living organisms; it's the very same water that is also understood to deliver energy to the mitochondria, keeping cells healthy and free of toxins.

Many water companies claim to bottle EZ water, but do so without the explicit scientific research and study to support it. However, they look to mimic our patented purification technology/patent-pending water by subjecting purified water to polarized gas. This process is not the same as DIVINIA Water's. Much like the discussion of hydrogen gas above, exposing water to gas may not inherently change or alter the water being exposed. DIVINIA is directly purified and subjected to magnetic waves within a resonant chamber proven to fundamentally organize/energize the water molecule permanently, per years of research done by Dr. Rustum Roy and Dr. Gerald Pollack.