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How does DIVINIA compare to Kangan, Hunza, Shungite, etc?

DIVINIA has been studied by various doctors and scientists for its unique qualities that contribute to overall health and well-being of those who drink it regularly. DIVINIA is different because it has many benefits in one bottle. It's not just a pH balanced water, deuterium depleted water, energized/structured water, or exclusion zone water. It is all of those waters in one.Furthermore, DIVINIA is verified by Penn State to retain these properities over time and temperature variances, remaining energized/structured indefinitely. No other healthful water can claim this benefit.

How much DIVINIA should i drink?

DIVINIA Water is just that... water. Please drink as much as you'd like throughout the day. We suggest at least 32 - 64 ounces per day in order to experience the results of hydration.You can drink it hot or cold, in your drinks or foods - DIVINIA's energetic state remains the same over temperature and time variances.If you are sick, please do not feel you have to force yourself to drink anymore than what your body is demanding, and be sure to consult with your doctor on how much water you are required to drink.

How long until I feel a difference?

Customers report various spans of time until they feel a difference from drinking DIVINIA. Some report an initial "buzz" or wave of hydration within minutes and others report weeks until they feel a difference. Some people may not notice a difference at all.The experience you have from drinking DIVINIA is dependent upon your health, level of hydration, and amount of DIVINIA you drink on a regular basis.

Do you have scientific evidence or studies on your water?

Yes, we have scientific research from academic institutions, including University of Washington, Penn State, and Arizona State University. In order to protect our intellectual property, we only share a majority of our research with those who have been vetted and demonstrate a significant scientific inquiry.